What Sets Us Apart

Over the course of more than 20 years in practice, Dr. Auter has developed a reputation for being a “details” man who tirelessly strives for perfection in his work. In the profession of orthodontics, this trait serves his patients well. Intentionally, Dr. Auter has made decisions throughout his career to maintain strong control of the clinical care he provides. As a result, our office, though modern and technically advanced, sees fewer patients on a given day than a typical orthodontic practice. This allows Dr. Auter more one-on-one patient time to accomplish excellent results. Transfer of actual work on his patients to well-trained orthodontic assistants is done, but in a far more selective manner than in most orthodontic offices.

To keep this strong emphasis on excellent care, Dr. Auter does not attempt to run additional “satellite” offices in nearby towns as many practitioners do. Consequently, our availability for patient visits is maximized in our one office. This gives us greater flexibility when scheduling for our patients to see Dr. Auter.

The Personal Practice of Choice for Many Dentist/Physician Families

As a leader in the field, Dr. Auter has been the choice of many health care professionals for their orthodontic needs.
These professionals have seen many of our finished smiles and choose to place their treatment in our hands. Over the years, Dr. Auter has treated area physicians, dentists, their staff, and families. This is perhaps one of the highest compliments we receive.

A Team that Cares

Our team at Auter Orthodontics excels at caring for you with warmth and empathy. We are all parents ourselves, so we understand how important it is to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the dental setting. By regularly attending continuing education seminars, we are committed to reinforcing our skills and learning about new technology to make your orthodontic experience easier.