Limited Treatment

Limited orthodontic treatment corrects alignment of the teeth, but may not correct the bite. This is available for people who only want a cosmetic result and are aware of their bite discrepancy, but do not want to correct it. This treatment can be accomplished by Dr. Auter with limited braces. Modified retainers or clear aligners such as Invisalign are also an excellent option. Treatment can usually be completed in as little as 3 months.

Red, White & Blue and Simpli5 Invisible No-Braces Treatment

Although limited, clear braces may meet the needs of some adult patients,  and other options are becoming even more popular. If all you need is a little cosmetic improvement for a great smile and you prefer not to have braces, the nearly invisible Red, White & Blue or Simpli5 no-braces system may be the treatment for you. A quick evaluation will tell if you’re a candidate for this convenient treatment, and if so, you can have a dazzling new smile in just a few months.

Fabricated by A.O.A. (a highly reputable national orthodontic lab with over 35 years of service to the orthodontic profession), these clear, lightweight plastic-like aligners work to coax your teeth to make small incremental movements, each getting you progressively closer to your new smile. Depending on an analysis of your particular dental alignment, you will typically wear 3(red, white & blue) to 5(Simpli5) clear aligners each for approximately 4-6 weeks to bring about your orthodontic correction. The final appliance is designed with all the desired correction and can be worn at night as a long term appliance. So, wearing braces is no longer your only option when a beautiful smile is desired.

While there are various aligner systems on the market today, including Invisalign, In Johnson City TN, residents can now take advantage of the Red, White & Blue and Simpli5 aligner systems. Some of their advantages include the following:

  • designed and fabricated by experienced technicians who custom engineer the most efficient correction sequence into your unique aligner series
  • aligners made of a clear form-fitting plastic that will not affect your speech
  • significantly lower cost than the more heavily advertised Invisalign brand system

While braces are usually going to be the best and most precise manner to straighten teeth over all, not every adult wants to wear braces-or they desire shorter treatment times. There are those situations where teeth can be straightened without making major bite changes and still maintain a healthy smile. Because an individual’s orthodontic needs can vary significantly with dramatically different levels of complexity, only an orthodontist such as Dr. Auter, who has extensive experience with clear braces can determine if a clear aligner system is appropriate for you.

If you’re looking for Red, White & Blue, Simpli5 or Invisalign in Johnson City, TN, contact our office today at (423) 282-8958 to schedule a consultation to find out if one of these treatments can help you get the attractive smile you’ve been looking for.