Frequently Asked Questions

Do braces hurt?
Orthodontic treatment has improved dramatically.  As a rule, braces make your teeth sore for a few days, but are not painful.  This annoyance can be relieved with an over-the-counter pain reliever.  Todays braces are smaller, more comfortable, and use technology that reduces the discomfort.

Do I need to see my family dentist while in braces?
Yes! Regular checkups with your family dentist are important while in
braces.  Your family dentist will determine the intervals between cleaning appointments while you are in braces.

Can I still play sports?
Yes.  We recommend a mouthguard for all sports.

Can I drop my child off for an appointment?
Yes, we understand you are busy, and we are happy to help you make the
most of your time.  On some occasions, we may request to speak to a parent when they return, so we ask that parents advise us they are not waiting before leaving the office to run errands.


Can you be too old for braces?
No, age is not a factor, only the health of your gums and bone which support your teeth.  About 20% of our patients are adults.

Is orthodontic care expensive?
When orthodontic treatment is implemented at the proper time, treatment is often less costly than the dental care required to treat the more serious problems that can develop years later.  Orthodontic fees have not increased as fast as many other consumer products.  Financing is usually available and our office offers many payment programs that will meet your needs.  In addition, many insurance plans now include orthodontics.

Why should you choose an orthodontic specialist?
Teeth, and sometimes entire facial structures, are permanently changed by orthodontic treatment.  It is important that the treatment be appropriate and properly completed.  Orthodontic specialists have extensive and specialized training that enables them to provide their patients with professional, personalized treatments.